The Final Conference

We cordially invite you to the final conference of the POLNOR-LEADER project titled “HALE Drones for Collecting Air Quality Data with High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions”, taking place on June 26th, 2024, from 10:00 to 13:00 at Gliwice, 18a Konarskiego Street, Room 36. The event will also be available online – the link to join remotely is in the QR code on the leaflet.

During the conference, we will present the final results of our research on using HALE drones for environmental monitoring. The program includes presentations on:

    • Long-endurance UAV for collecting air quality data
    • Research into long-endurance UAV for pollution profiles
    • Initial static stability analysis for composite UAVs
    • Methodology for collecting air quality data with high resolution
    • Profiling air pollution with developed measuring systems
    • ICT system design for data management
    • Path planning algorithms for adaptive pollution sampling
    • Evaluation of data collected during first flights of proof-of-concept UAVs
    • Further applications of HALE UAVs