ELAB – SkyTech eLab LLC.

About the SkyTech eLab

SkyTech eLab LLC (STE) is a dynamically developing micro enterprise startup. It was registered on February 2, 2017 by a team of employees of the Silesian University of Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, dealing with research in the field of modern general aviation lightweight structures and energy-efficient electric propulsion systems intended for use in aviation, automotive and mobile robotics. The company is to be a bridge between scientific research conducted at universities and the needs of the aviation, space and automotive industries.


The company focuses on implementing the results of research and development works carried out as part of scientific activities together with the Silesian University of Technology. The results of scientific research conducted by our team are each time analyzed for use in industry. Activities include searching for potential applications and recipients of technology for the results of work carried out within the University and implementation in consultation with the University and conducting, independently of the University, its own research and development works based on its own ideas together with industrial partners.

The challenges undertaken include research and implementation work requiring specialist Know-How and high staff skills. The core of employees cooperating with STE are university researchers and PhD students. STE permanently cooperates with companies from the Silesian Aviation Cluster and automotive industry companies from the region. Through contacts and internationalization projects of companies from the Silesian Aviation Cluster, it also establishes contacts with companies and universities abroad striving to expand cooperation to include foreign markets. Cooperation has already been established with companies from the USA and Sweden and universities from Great Britain and Sweden.